Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q's]

How do I order? Phone or email and then we can send a job sheet and/or arrange to meet face to face. We will then send you an estimate and on agreement you’ve made your order!

How low are your prices? Try us & see for yourself. You'll be surprised how competitive we are.

Do you have set prices? It is difficult because there are so many different outcomes, but we do offer set price packages.

Do you have the capacity to work on large projects? Yes, we are set up as suppliers to some of the largest national merchandising and record companies.

Where are you located? Our main base is in Huddersfield at The Media Centre, but we also have a post in Leeds.

What happens if I hate the work? We haven't had that circumstance yet, we believe if we continue to work closely with our clients that will never happen.

How can I pay? We send you an invoice when the project is complete.

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